Project Outreach Gulf Coast

Project Outreach Gulf Coast (POGC) is a unique organization in many ways. We believe in spreading disability awareness, acceptance, and understanding throughout the community. Project Outreach Gulf Coast is committed to building relationships between students with disabilities and their nondisabled peers for the betterment of both groups. We hope to inspire a domino effect by doing whatever it takes to open the eyes of our community and the world to seeing that people with disabilities are more like you than different.

United With Purpose:

To spread awareness & Build relationships

We created Project Outreach to develop relationships between individuals with disabilities and their non-disabled peers for the better of them both. Typical students are seeing such individuals as friends rather than defining them by their disability. We want to make sure we can do whatever it takes to build relationships especially with individuals with disabilities, so they can experience all aspects of school life that they, unfortunately, don't have the opportunity to experience.



a growing family

Currently, there are 35 school service club chapters with new ones being added each year. If you would like to start a Project Outreach chapter at your school and join this growing organization, please contact us. Our goal is to produce a change in our world that is both contagious and effective.  We would love for you to be a part of this change.