WEek of Change

Since 2014, Project Outreach Gulf Coast has been sponsoring the Week of Change, our organizations disability awareness week.  Our goal is to help our chapters reach into their schools to promote disability awareness, acceptance, and understanding.  Each year, we create a them to rally behind to help make this vision come alive.  

Our Goal

The Week of Change serves as our organization's disability awareness week.  Our goal is to help turn our attention inside of our locals chapters and schools where they are based and help continue to increase disability awareness, acceptance, and understanding.  By allowing our chapters to creatively present ideas, decorate the school, and share stories, we hope to make our communities a better place for everyone especially those families impacted by disabilities.  

Why Change?

We feel that every step we can take to a better tomorrow will help our students, their schools, and our communities be more accepting of others.  If we leave things the way they are, then nothing will change.  But through the work of many students, teachers, and administrators, we believe change is possible and that is why we designate one week a year to highlight the changes we want to see in the world.  

Week of Change Media

Here are a couple of examples for our organization as well as some of our chapters sharing more about the Week of Change.  We hope to bring you more this year and for years to come.