A Night of Change

Since 2021, Project Outreach Gulf Coast has been sharing our story with new faces every year at our special event, a Night of Change: to further the impact of Project Outreach.  This formal evening is filled with food, laughs, testimonies, and inspiring messages that all point back to the mission and vision of Project Outreach.  We can't wait for another year to share with even more people our love for others.

Passionate and Inspiring Speakers

Each year, we invite someone whose heart resembles Project Outreach to come and share their story at a Night of Change.  Dr. Tyler Sexton, a physician from Mississippi, spoke this year about his journey to become a doctor, facing life with cerebral palsy, and how we said we are all handicapped in some way.  His message resonated with everyone who attended and is one that we will remember for a while.  You can learn more about him on his website www.tylersexton.com.

Messages of Hope

When Emery Martin, a sixth grader from Saraland Middle School , took the stage she won the hearts of all who were present.  This pony tailed cheerleader with dreams of becoming Miss American said her biggest desire was to one day be a special education teacher.  She wants to help and serve others like her differently abled friends.  Her message not only was encouraging but brought hope.  We can't wait to see her story unfold.  

More than a good time

At a Night of Change you will surely have a good time!  But it's so much more than that.  This event allows for Project Outreach to continue to grow to schools that do not have these service clubs.  With over 1400 public schools in the state of Alabama, we are only at about 40 of them!  A Night of Change allows us to continue our reach to more schools, cities, and one day more states!  It's our way to keep being the change we want to see in the world.