Our Story

Project Outreach began as a "social experiment" of sorts. Two high school boys were asked to eat lunch with a student with autism in an attempt to increase his social skills and communication.  After several days of success, the teachers thought, what else could be done to help this student engage with his non-disabled peers.  Special Education teacher, Scott Parks, began bringing that same autistic students into a typical  homeroom each day to increase social skills and build relationships. The typical students began to include the autistic student into their normal morning routines like saying the pledge of allegiance and watching the morning announcements. As opportunities to connect grew, so did relationships between these students. Typical students could be seen sharing their lunch time with students with disabilities as well as walking the halls side by side, and forming genuine relationships. As typical students became more comfortable with the students with special needs, the effect was contagious. Upon the suggestion of a student after a pancake social activity, the service club known as Project Outreach was born and students have been flocking to join and forming friendships ever since.

Watch Our Story Unfold

Below are some links to let you see how our story has begun as well as where it has grown.  We'd love for you to visit our YouTube Channel to see every video, but if you can't do that, here are a few highlights.  


The Marshalls: A Project Outreach Story

Families are impacted but disabilities in ways that they can only fly understand.  Our goal is to share their stories with you and how Project Outreach has impacted them.  Their story is our story and we are so thankful that they are willing to share it!